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Bookkeeping For Beginners Course

Cost: £175
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If you are seeking to learn the fundamental aspects of bookkeeping, then look no further than our bookkeeping for beginners course.

There is no external exam for this course -  a certificate  is issued on successful completion of the course assignments.

The home study system allows you to work from home to quickly learn:

  • Double entry book-keeping
  • Extracting a trial balance
  • Final accounts- profit & loss account and balance sheet
  • Value Added Tax- how to complete a VAT return
  • Accounting for wages (P.A.Y.E) and National Insurance
  • Cash control through bank reconciliation
  • Join the hundreds of delighted students who have successfully completed our bookkeeping for beginners course, thereby improving their skill set and career development.

Required Bookkeeping Background

The Bookkeeping For Beginners course is for absolute beginners. Step by step, this course will take you from absolute first principals through to final accounts in nine easy to follow lessons and provides the perfect starting point for progression to our intermediate bookkeeping and advanced bookkeeping courses.

What Will You Learn?

Vital aspects of practical Book-Keeping and Accounts explaining clearly and concisely the following areas:-

Lesson 1: System for recording cash transactions
This lesson starts from absolute basic principles, on a step by step basis, showing how to record cash and cheque receipts and payments.

Lesson 2: Postings from the cash account to the General Ledger- ‘double entry book-keeping’
The principle of ‘every debit entry must have a corresponding credit of equal value’ is clearly introduced- after this lesson you certainly know the difference between a ‘credit’ and a ‘debit’.

Lesson 3: Recording Credit Transactions

Purchases and sales made on credit are introduced and clearly explained together with the concept of debtors and creditors- not all business transactions are on a cash/cheque basis. Lesson three shows you how to handle credit transactions correctly.

Lesson 4: The Trial Balance
Having correctly recorded all cash and credit transactions in the books how do we prove our work? The answer lies in the Trial Balance and this lesson shows, clearly and simply, how to draw up a Trial Balance. The purpose and function of this is explained intelligibly and interestingly.

Lesson 5: Trading and Profit & Loss Account
The concepts of gross profit and net profit and their calculation are clearly explained in order that the student may quickly and easily determine whether or not a business is trading profitably.

Lesson 6: The Balance Sheet
The relationship between the different classes of assets and liabilities are clearly explained. The student is shown how to present a Balance Sheet using alternative formats.

Lesson 7: Value Added Tax
VAT is explained in a clear and uncomplicated manner so that you can easily differentiate between input and output tax. You are also shown how to correctly complete a specimen VAT return and how to record VAT in the books of a company.

Lesson 8: Wages and P.A.Y.E (Pay As You Earn)
The income tax tables need no longer be a mystery as this lesson takes you through them with clarity and simplicity. Calculation of Employee’s and Employer’s National Insurance is also covered in this lesson. In addition you are taught how to account correctly for wages, income tax and National Insurance.

Lesson 9: Bank Reconciliation
The importance of reconciling the cash amount to the bank statement is emphasised in this lesson which shows how externally produced bank statement can be used as a control mechanism to give independent verification of the companies cash record. The asset of cash mush be verified and in this lesson you are shown how this can easily and quickly be achieved.

If you would like information about our bookkeeping course for beginners, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.


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