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Intermediate Bookkeeping Course

Cost: £175
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If you have a sound knowledge of bookkeeping basics and are ready to advance your knowledge, then our intermediate bookkeeping course is the answer!

There is no external exam for this course - a certificate  is issued on successful completion of the course assignments. This certificate, detailing the course modules completed, makes a great enhancement to your C.V.

Following the success of the our bookkeeping for beginners course, many students requested a more advanced course written in the same style which they could use as a tool to enhance their personal development. As a result, our intermediate bookkeeping course was written on the same ‘step by step’ learning approach. This course will provide you with the knowledge and understanding you require to progress onto the advanced bookkeeping course.

Required Bookkeeping Background

The Intermediate bookkeeping Course assumes that the student has a sound grasp of double entry book-keeping and the preparation of financial statements for a sole trader business from a trial balance.

The Course also assumes that the student has a desire to attain a broader overview of the financial operation of a business and learn how to monitor the progress of business financial operations.

How the Course Works

The Course consists of seven modules . At the end of each module, there are assignments to be completed and submitted to the College for assessment. Assignments can be submitted either by E Mail to brian@woodgrove-tutorials or by post.

Your answers are marked, commented on and provided with valuable personalised feedback within 24 hours. Communication with the College is encouraged at all times. Once marked, your answers are returned to you with a full set of model answers. In this way your personal progress is monitored and you can work at your own pace.


The course consists of seven modules, listed below:

Module 1: Sales & purchases ledgers
This lesson introduces and clearly explains the use and workings of the Sales, Purchases, and Returns Day Books. The operation of the three-column cash account is also introduced. All of these are absolutely fundamental to any size of Business.

Module 2: Control Accounts
The number of individual debtors and creditors will be too large to maintain an account for each in the Ledger. This Module shows how a business controls its debtors and creditors using accounts which act as a control mechanism.

Module 3: Further aspects of depreciation
Every business will need to depreciate its fixed assets. This Module extends the concepts taught in the Beginners’ Course by clearly explaining the main types of depreciation. The
procedure for dealing with the sale of a fixed asset is also logically explained.

Module 4: Cash and cash flow
Cash flow is absolutely vital to every business. Accordingly Module 4 explains the workings of the cash flow cycle for a typical business and how this can be controlled. The difference between profitability and liquidity is carefully explained, as is the preparation of cash flow statements.

Module 5: Fixed assets – investment appraisal
The acquisition of fixed assets represents a major investment for any business. This Module introduces Payback and Discounted Cash Flow, as these are the two main methods to employ before investing company funds in the purchase of fixed assets

Module 6: Budgets & Forecasts
All businesses need to plan in detail for the future. Module 6 introduces the concept of a Business Plan supported by sales and expense budgets. Variance analysis reports are carefully explained as a tool for a) identifying variances from Budget and b) understanding the variances

Module 7: Methods of stock valuation
Stock valuation plays a very important part in determining the profit of a business. Consequently this Module introduces the various valuation methods, which can be used to value stock.

If you would like more information on our bookkeeping course for immediates, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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