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From: Amirtha Suresh
Sent: 26 April 2012 13:51

Thank you very much for your kind support throughout the Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced/Paye,Self Assessment, Corporation Tax Courses.

I gained much  knowledge about Bookkeeping & Accounts. Your supportive feedback and model answers helped me a lot.


From: Shafi Umer
Sent: 29 December 2011 16:15
To: Woodgrove Tutorials
Subject: Re: Course

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. My friend  recommended me this Course personally.



From: Renata Šilinaitė
Sent: 03 December 2011 18:31
To: Brian Harford
Subject: Re: 

Thanks for your attention even on weekends. It helped me a lot.

Kind regards,


‘’Two big “thank you’s” for your feedback on L4 and further insights on the proper use of the cash book and cash/bank accounts.All this is helping me a very great deal. Thank you for your help. Your feedback is of invaluable support.The Course is a real pleasure to study. I greatly benefit from studying Book-keeping, as Woodgrove Tutorials are so supportiveHow fortunate to be engaging with such interesting material.It would be a great privilege to continue to study with Woodgrove Tutorials. With much gratitude and all good wishes.”

Sophie Dutordoir - 19 October 2011

 ”Thank you for helping me all the way through the Course. I’ve really enjoyed it and am very happy to have completed all the assignments.

Thanks again for all your help.”

Janet Smith 7 October 2011

From: lillian dekic
Sent: 23 September 2011 08:56
To: Woodgrove Tutorials
Subject: Course

Thank you again for your constructive and detailed feedbacks, helping me with queries over the phone and for always promptly being there to assist. Kind regards,



From: L & S Ennis
Sent: 18 August 2011 20:56
To: Woodgrove Tutorials
Subject: Course

Many thanks for this tutorial, you have been a fantastic help and your example answers are stored in a folder for my reference later which is wonderful.

Many thanks again for your help and understanding.

Louisa Ennis

From: DTurnbull
Sent: 18 July 2011 14:16
Subject: Re: Thanks

I have really enjoyed the challenge of learning something new with the Course in book-keeping and accounts.The prompt support you have given has spurred me on to attempt the next lesson and is very much appreciated.

Thanks again for your support.Kind regards. Diane Turnbull-Smith

From: Naveed Choudhry
Sent: 09 May 2011 14:38
To: Woodgrove Tutorials
Subject: RE: Course

Thank you for your help, this course had taught me lot.Thank you.

Kind regards
Naveed Choudhry

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From: Angela McIntyre

Sent: 02 May 2011 22:52

To: Brian Harford

Subject: Advanced Bookkeeping course

This is fascinating to be honest and will be of enormous benefit to me for the future.



From: Younus Ahmed
Sent: 19 April 2011 17:18
To: Woodgrove
Subject: Beginners Course


Moreover, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Woodgrove Tutors for this excellent Course.


Many thanks 




From: Nasrin Izadi
Sent: 19 March 2011 20:18
To: Woodgrove Tutorials
Subject: Re: Course

I want to thank you for the course. I learned a lot about book keeping and accounting.

Best regards,



”I really enjoyed the stepping stones and the way it built on making understanding the work possible. I have really appreciated the constant feed back and help. I have really enjoyed the work and the challenges. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity and help to study with you”.

KAEHLER GRANT 8 December 2010

”I have really enjoyed doing this course and cant thank you enough for helping us through. We were so excited when the books arrived, then when we first opened them we were scared that it was over our heads and would always look foreign :-). The easy steps make learning possible and the feedback and model answers have been amazing learning tools and I really appreciate the course and the help you have given. Its amazing how much we have learnt! Really learnt! Not just a cursory overview but deep seated knowledge that we can and will add to. Thank you so much for laying the foundations so securely and enduring with us. We really appreciate it!
Lilly Grant – 8 December 2010

” Congratulations on the forthcoming award for Woodgrove Tutorials. What an honor and what long hard work must have underpinned this!” 

Best Regards


From: susan dennis 
Sent: 17 June 2010 15:33
To: Woodgrove Tutorials
Subject: Bookeeping Course

I have just started the above Course, finding it really enjoyable.

Sue Dennis

”I did enjoy the Courses and learned a lot. Thank you for everything.”

Violeta Ramanauskaite – 11 June 2010


”The Certificates have arrived safely. Thank you very much for all your support throughout all the courses I have taken with you!I have already recommended you to my colleague.  Thank you again and all the best”.

Anna Szewczyk -28 May 2010



”Thank you for your help, I have enjoyed this course and learnt a huge amount”.

Helen Stamp – 29 April 2010

”Thank you for your very quick reply………….especially at the weekend”.
Many Thanks
Lisa Roe – 24 April 2010

”I am really enjoying the lessons so far and I but really appreciate the nice simplified way its set out and taught.”
Lilly Grant 27 August 2009


”Thank you so much, we are all so impressed with the way in which you have responded.
We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us,Best regards”
Daphne – 7 August 2009

”Thank you for getting my results back so quickly, its great that you don’t have to wait days in anticipation.Thankyou once again”.

Lisa Roe – 25 June 2009


”Thank you for your help with this course – it has been very useful and beneficial for me. Your response to the tutorials were very helpful. I will definitely recommend you to anyone thinking of doing something similar.  I thank you once again”.
John Toyne – 27 March 2009


”The Course has been great and really useful. I use Sage Line 50 at work and this Course makes things MUCH easier to understand. Having done this manual Book-Keeping course everything now makes much more sense as I can see straight away when things don’t look right.  I also now have a better understanding of debit and credit entries!  Thank you very much.  The Course Manual is excellent!”

Michaela Murray-30 December 2008


‘’I have just received my Certificates. WoodgroveTutorials is a formidable fountain of knowledge. I can never ever thank you enough for patiently guiding me throughout the study.’’
C. Ned – 26 September 2008


” I want to thank you specially for the tremendous assistance you gave me through the duration of this programme. Your explanations were perfect and easy to grasp. Indeed,  I  can never thank you enough.”.
Chinedu – 13 September 2008


 ”Woodgrove Tutorials always respond so quickly, even on a Saturday!I`m  really enjoying the Course. You really explain things well and the Course Book is laid out so clearly.
With kind regards” S .C. -16 August 2008


”I would just like to say that I found the Beginners Course interesting and fun which is why I think I have so far found it easy to take it all in and understand the basics”. Becky Whelan-11 August 2008


”Thanks for all your help and comments along the way. The Course has been  enjoyable, well laid out and informative”. John Moore – 6 August 2008


”Thanks for your input yesterday with my query. I am  enjoying the course and learning every day.
Thank you” Kath Tingay 24 July 2008


”The lessons which are written in a plain, understandable manner that are easy to follow.
Again your kind comments are greatly appreciated and inspiring”. John Moore 24 July 2008


”Many thanks.  I always like getting your feedback as it puts me ‘straight’ and makes me see where I went wrong”. Annabel Tritton – 8 July 2008


”Thank you for your encouraging remarks for lesson 4.  I can’t believe the speedty turnaround with the e mails.Thanks for all your help”. Rhona Corkhill-26 June 2008


”Now that I have completed the Course I would just like to say thank you very much for your help and for making it such an interesting Course to do. I found it easy to understand and enjoyed doing it”.
Anne Bracey – 19 June 2008


”I have enjoyed this Beginners Course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to start out in bookkeeping.Many thanks.”Catherine (Jefferies) – 16 June 2008


”Thank you for your support throughout.  I enjoyed studying your Courses. As a non-financial manager, I have definitely learnt a great deal and added some new dimensions to my personal development”.
Aggie Theodorsson-30 May 2008


”Thank you for your incredibly speedy reply!  I am delighted by your encouraging comments.
Best wishes” Rhona Corkhill-28 May 2008


”I have really enjoyed the Course it was just what i was looking for and has really helped my learning and development. Nothing will compensate for good fundamental techniques.
Thanks Woodgrove Tutorials” Brian Fagen – 16 April 2008



”Thanks for your comments. To say that I’m enjoying the study is an understatement”.
Chinedu – 7 April 2008


”In the time it has taken to complete all 3 courses, other course providers have not even answered my initial enquiries”. I am veryimpressed with your speed of delivery.”

Tony Strong - 4 April  2008


‘’I am eternally grateful for the way in which you prepared me for both IAB exams. I am eagerly looking forward to my results -  I feel confident that I have passed well and  my  enthusiasm is at an all time high.’’
Nick Blake – 29 January 2008



”First I would like to thank you for always marking my assignments so quickly. I would like to say a very big thank you as I really enjoyed the Course”

Liz Perkins – 28 January 2008


”Wow – that excellent feedback was quick!”

Suzanne De Jarne – 7 November 2007

”Many thanks for your help and support throughout my Course – really enjoyed the Course and feel that I have gained a really good all round  knowledge of Book Keeping & Accounts.”

Zoe Strode  – 31 October 2007


‘’Thank you SO much for the quick reply on the exercises! Many thanks for the model answers’’.


Marida – 22 October 2007


”Many thanks for the great feedback – really enjoying the Course and  I am appreciative of your fast and speedy responses upon submitting my work.”


Zoe Rylands – 10 October 2007


‘’Thank you for all your help and for returning my assignments so promptly. I’ve really enjoyed the Course’’


Catherine Evans – 3 October 2007



”I have enjoyed this course and thank you for all your help and support throughout.”

Irene James – 12 September 2007


”Thank you very much for the Certificate and for your help and tuition throughout the course.  I really enjoyed the Course.”

Wendy Hudson – 9 July 2007


”I have enjoyed the Course and I found it easy to understand and learn the
lessons – many thanks”.


S. Koneva – 13 June 2007


”Just a quick message to confirm receipt of the Courses. I am very impressed with the Courses and your efficiency in dealing with this”.


Nigel Penbury – 20 February 2007


”Thank you for sending my course material so promptly!”


Naomi Hunt – 16 February 2007

 Thanks to you and your help I have now finalized all three Courses.  I must say that I really enjoyed doing them, it was a challenge and it’s successful output gave me a lot of satisfaction.  Thank you once again for all your help.”

Scefika Kulenovic – 13 October 2006

”Thank you very much for this Course!

Thank you for all your help,I have enjoyed this course a lot.”




”Thank you for getting back to me so quickly – it is so nice to get a prompt response when everything is still fresh in your mind.”


Tracey Curtis – 19 September 2006



I have found the course very enjoyable and useful. ”

Charlotte Caldicott – 17 September 2006

 ”Many thanks - now thats what I call an efficient and prompt service!”

Penny Duncan – 12 September 2006


‘’Thank you very much for your very useful help and support’’.


Scefika Kulenovic – 8 September 2006


”I received the Course already and I only enrolled yesterday afternoon! That’s great, because I can’t wait to start. I’ve read great things about you, and I am looking forward to you being my mentor”.


Irene Galenkamp – 17 August 2006



”Thank you for such a quick response it has spurred me on to greater



Michelle Oellermann -16 August 2006 



”Thanks for the VERY prompt response to my enrolment. I didn’t expect such a speedy response with all three courses arriving the next morning”.


Vicki Carroll- 18 July 2006


” Thank you for your expert help in getting me to complete your Beginners Course. I would now like to take it further with your other Courses.Thanks again for all your help”.


Adam Price – 5 July 2006


”Thanks for being a wonderful tutor and stay blessed”.

Rosemary Ezepue- 26 June 2006


”Thanks for the almost immediate response for my answers to the exercises”.

Sarah Grute – 26 June 2006




”Very much enjoyed the  Beginners Course and look forward to the challenges the Intermediate will bring.

Thank you for your continued support and feed back.”


Lorraine Brocklehurst – 15 June 2006



”I have to say yet again this Course has really enhanced my work on a set of

accounts I am responsible for, I can’t believe the alterations I

have made which have totally improved the system, thanks to a better

understanding of things.

Thanks again for all your help”.

David Mcphee – 9 June 2006



”The Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced Courses, are excellent, they were just what I needed.”

Lesley Redfern – 17 May 2006 


”I can’t say how much I have appreciated this Course. It may be a Beginners course but it has covered a multitude of things.

I should have gone for this Course first, before attempting the computerised one I did last year as it ensures I keep things in the correct order of entry and so on.”


David McPhee – 30 April 2006



”I love how you teach!  You make it easy to understand and follow!”  

 Barbara Zaidan  – 22 April 2006


”Many thanks for your speedy answers.  The questions I had in this

assignment have been answered by you immediately”. 

Lisa Carradus  - 17 April 2006


”I must be doing something right and impressing at work as I have just been offered a position as Showroom Manager.Many thanks for everything”

Elaine Whittle – 2 April 2006



”I am proceeding under your care and good advice. I feel confident knowing you are my tutor.”

Len cohen – 23 March 2006


”Thank you very much for such a prompt reply to my application form and extremely efficient delivery of the Course material”.

Kamila Klenkova – 19 March 2006


”Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed doing the Beginners Course and how much a help  the support given was.Once again many thanks for all your help – looking forward to the next to Courses”.

Pauline Hicks – 13 March 2006


”I’ve definitely benefited from this course and your guide and support was clear and very useful. 

Thank you once again for all your help” - Scefika Kulenovic – 6 March 2006



”I have found this course….just right. The balance of information to exercises suits me perfectly. The immediate feedback is motivating and personal which is appreciated. I would thoroughly recommend this Course to anyone who is interested in Book-Keeping” .


Lesley Redfern – 3 March 2006


”I have thoroughly  enjoyed the course and appreciated your very fast responses which have kept the momentum going from lesson to lesson”.


John Sherwood – 15 February 2006


”Thanks for the lightning swift response – its fantastic! ”


Keira Polywka – 10 February 2006


Thanks for being so prompt sending the Course Manual, I only applied for it yesterday afternoon!”

Jackie Appleby – 3 February 2006

”I would like to thank you for your fantastic cooperation throughout this Course. I have benefited strongly from the Course which has set me up with a good basic knowledge of accounts and this will prove helpful in my career development”.

Daniel Barrett – 17 January 2006


”It does not seem two minutes since I started and I have learned so much more doing this course.Many thanks for all your assistance”


Sheila Franks – 21 November 2005

”Many thanks for the speedy delivery of my course, I only ordered it yesterday! ”

Penny Hulls – 1 November 2005

” I can’t believe how quickly you respond to my assignments.  It is very reassuring.”

Jackie Conde - 12 October 2005


”The Woodgrove Tutorials Courses have enabled me to take a giant step in my career. After doing them I got a job as a Book-Keeper and have now been promoted to Accountant.

 Thank you Brian once again God bless you”


 Geoffrey Bungeri – 5 October 2005


” I have enjoyed the Beginners Course immensely and am looking forward to starting the Intermediate Course’

Rosemary Neville – 18 September 2005

”Yes, I can say Thank you! I have gained a lot from your course

and all I can say is Thank You!


Ogunyemi Olufemi - Nigeria 27 August 2005.


”Thank you  for everything – I have really enjoyed undertaking this Course”

Sandy Robertson- 18 August 2005

”I really enjoyed the Beginners course and will be enrolling for the Intermediate course”.

Thanking you for everything.


Bharti Batavia - 8 August 2005

”Thank you for the help and knowledge given to me so that I could attain my goal”

Nicola Russell – 5 August 2005

”Thank you very much for three very informative and easy to understand Courses. I enjoyed them and learnt a lot from them”.


Eileen Daniels – 12 July 2005

”Thanks for everything, I really have enjoyed doing this course. Many thanks again”


Liz Smith – 11 July 2005


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